I coach under-represented people in tech and their Executive allies

you aren't broken, our work cultures are

Can I be honest with you? I am getting a bit tired of being the only woman at the CTO roundtable or on the CTO panel. But that’s not going to change if there aren’t more of us in the mix.

Can I be really honest with you? You are absolutely capable of sitting there right along side me. I have worked with enough female engineers to know this to be the absolute truth.

You consider yourself a leader. You are an engineer driven to make a bigger impact at work and at home. You look up in the org chart and think, “why not me?” 

Each day expands before us as a new opportunity to manifest our potential. You decide what you are capable of.  I will help you achieve it. Learn more about me or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

lead for belonging

Are you an executive ally looking to lead for true diversity, inclusion and belonging? 

At the foundation of humane leadership is self awareness. As your coach, I serve as a mirror to reflect your growing self awareness as you identify and address behaviors that might be impacting your ability to lead a diverse team. 


Decades Of Experience Coupled with a Ton of Heart

I am Cheryl Porro and I impact driven professional who is passionate about making a difference while living a full, satisfying and rewarding life.

I have over two decades of experience as a woman in tech in the corporate world. I managed to wiggle my way into the C-Suite and learned a ton along the way. Now want to help other under-represented individuals realize their potential, drive meaningful positive impact all while fully enjoying their lives. 

You decide what you are capable of. I am here to help. You can find more about me on my LinkedIn profile.


I have limited spaces for one-on-one coaching. Reach out if you are interested in learning more! 

Happy coachees SAY

Thank you again, Cheryl! Our sessions are so incredibly helpful during this time of transition. You are a great coach! 


Cheryl’s open and welcoming coaching practice provided me with a fresh perspective on not only how to grow my professional skills, but also gave incredible insight into what is a priority and matters to me in life.


I’m so sad our time is coming to an end.! It’s been so great working with you. I am ready to take on whatever big challenge is next for me. Woo hoo!



Send an email or book a call, I am here for you and aim to respond quickly.


And remotely around the world!